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Posted by John Park on Jul 19th, 2008
Jul 19

It’s the weekend so here is something light for everyone.  If you haven’t seen this video yet, you must view it.  If you’ve seen it already, you’ll enjoy viewing it again.  Regardless of what’s going on in your life or business, this video will absolutely make your day.


By the way, it has been viewed close to 30 million times on YouTube.  Look for my upcoming blogs about how to maximize YouTube for your business.


NEVER give up on your DREAMS!




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Posted by John Park on Jul 17th, 2008
Jul 17

foreclosures mess


According to a report today on CNN, there are 200 FBI Agents investigating 21 Mortgage Companies in the U.S.  This basically means that people will be going to jail.  This news along with the announcement made by CA’s Attorney General of an expansion to their lawsuit against Countrywide made me ponder a bit about who is REALLY at fault.
Is this another Enron where a handful of executives created fictional shell companies to perpetuate a revenue & earnings fraud?  Did one executive say she placed a sell order when she really didn’t?  Was the current mortgage crisis created in a back alley somewhere under the cover of darkness?
As the Real Estate Boom continues to unfold into a complete nuclear nightmare, I think it’s perfectly reasonable for everyone to look for scapegoats or at least a few guilty-looking faces.  The problem is that there is a lot of blame to go around.
Federal Government:  They were completely asleep at the wheel.  They’re making FEMA look competent.
State Governments:  Dozing off at the wheel while enjoying unprecedented Boom Town growth in select cities.
City Governments:  Doubling and tripling property taxes paid for a lot of parks, city shuttles and new employees.
Politicians:  Looked the other way.  Why not?  Their constituents were happy as pie spending their home equity lines like lottery winnings.
Homeowners:  Many lied or overstated their income knowing fully well that they were “fibbing” to get approved.  They signed 100% financing loan papers with enthusiasm.
Mortgage & Banking Industries:  They ALL looked the other way for a quick buck.  They had programs called “NO DOCS” and “STATED INCOME.”  Need I say more?


Let’s face it.  Everybody went along for the RIDE.
Did Nancy Pelosi ask why real estate in SF had tripled in less than 10 years?  Did John McCain ask why or how when real estate speculators drove up prices in Phoenix and in Tucson to unprecedented levels?
I am not saying that there aren’t victims.  Of course, there are victims in this mess.  I am merely saying that the current mortgage fallout wasn’t created in a vacuum.  The hands of many are a little dirty.
Jailing a few mortgage executives to make examples of them, although it may feel good, is probably not the answer.  The answer is to do everything we can as a country to ensure that something like this can never happen again.



Jul 16

Obama New Yorker

Have you seen this cover yet?  Pretty outrageous and offensive right?
If you answered “YES”, you don’t understand the meaning of the word “SATIRE.”  This is the position taken by the magazine’s editorial staff.  OK, the elitist stance of The New Yorker shouldn’t surprise anybody.  After all, one of their most recognized and coveted symbols is an illustrated top hat wearing snob from America’s Gilded Age.
What offends me about their position is not their lack of sensitivity towards paranoid Democrats who believe that now the Right Wing has a vivid picture to further perpetuate their propaganda (Huffington’s Position By The Way).  What really offends me is that they think we don’t know why they REALLY did this.
The New Yorker with all of their smart people on staff knew fully well what would happen when they released this cover.  They sat in small meeting rooms with their cappuccinos, vitamin enriched waters and grease board to fully discuss the pros and cons of such a cover.  At least that is my guess of what happened.  The business conclusions they came to and their prognostication of what would occur probably played out like a beautiful swan song.
- Every talking head was debating the cover, visibly displayed as they blah, blah and blah.
- They drove a huge amount of traffic to their web site.
- They sold more ads on their web site as most Internet ads are sold on a per view basis.
- They sold a bunch of magazines and quite a few subscriptions as well.  They have 1,000,000 plus subscribers by the way.
- This blogger and many others are writing about the cover.
- The ANGRY crowd with their attention deficit disorder will eventually move on after a few days.
- And finally, they are keeping the fast disappearing world of print “ALIVE!”
This calculated risky business marketing is not new to Condé Nast, publisher of The New Yorker.  In fact, it is clear that this marketing approach is here to stay at the giant magazine publishing house.  If you recall, the company created a huge amount of BUZZ at the beginning of this year with a Miley Cyrus photoshoot controversy on Vanity Fair, one of Condé Nast’s magazines.  The teen star was half nude in the controversial photos and it stirred up quite a debate amongst “Sex and the City” wannabes and suburban moms who actually know who Miley Cyrus is.  I personally thought it was totally inappropriate.  Innocent teens are not exactly the best subject matter for Annie Leibovitz.  Ok.. Ok… I know she is a genius but 400K to 600K a shoot????
So, the real question is…
IS THIS MARKETING GENIUS OR STUPIDITY?  I think this depends on who or what you represent.  Does what you have to lose outweigh what you have to gain?  The streets of media and celebrity are littered with calculated and risky marketing decisions that did not payoff.  One of these days, the fickle crowd may not forgive.  Keep that in mind Condé Nast as you gamble with 80 years of The New Yorker history and tradition.
Did I answer the question?  Probably not.
What do you think?




InBev – This Bud should not be for you!

Posted by John Park on Jul 15th, 2008
Jul 15
Due to the doom and gloom of our current U.S. economy, an important business event is being pushed to the second pages of newspapers and to the bottom of homepages on many news web sites.


InBev to buy Budweiserhttp://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/25663923
IS ANYONE ELSE CONCERNED ABOUT THIS?  I have to say that I am 100% against the sale of Budweiser to this foreign company.  I am not sure if this makes me an isolationist but I can’t imagine the Budweiser Clydesdales pulling a wagon with “Becks” written on the side of it.  Maybe it makes business sense to create the world’s largest brewery and I am sure the shareholders are pleased with the offer of $70 a share but there has to be some consideration of principal for all players involved.
I consider myself a capitalist and a believer in the global economy but it just seems that we are doing a lot more selling and a lot less buying these days.
Case and Point— News broke last month that New York’s Chrysler Building may be sold to an Abu Dhabi investment fund.
Budweiser is an American Icon.  The company represents everything that is good about America and its industrial heritage.  To everyone around the world, the Budweiser beer and its symbols are uniquely American.  The company also serves as a great source of pride and tradition for many Americans.  Of course all of these are points not so easily expressed on a business balance sheet.  Before we give up the company for a quick buck (Ok $52 Billion is a lot of bucks), let’s do what we can to keep Budweiser an American Company.  If this purchase is approved, it would go down in U.S. history as the 3rd largest purchase of an American Company by a foreign entity.  As far as I am concerned, InBev can keep their money!  My fraternity brothers, all in their mid-to-late thirties now, agree with me wholeheartedly.
What’s next?  Coca Cola?


MSNBC photo
Budweiser Icon

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