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Posted by John Park on Aug 27th, 2008
Aug 27

Elevator Pitch


Back when I was 21 years old, I learned a valuable marketing lesson from my then CEO.  I was at one of those week long corporate sales trainings—the ones where they make you live at a Courtyard Marriott to initiate you with the corporate colors (brain washing).
The training had pretty much wrapped up and I was in an elevator headed back to my room.  The doors opened and the CEO of the company walked in.  Was this an opportunity or just really bad luck?  At the time, I definitely thought it was bad luck.  After a few words of pleasantries, I could see it in his eyes.  He was going to test the young recruit.  He asked the question… “so, tell me what you’ve learned about our products?”
That’s when it happened.  I just started spewing out anything and everything I had just learned during the week.  It was just way too much information and none of it was organized.  After a few paragraphs had rolled out of my mouth (without taking a breath), he finally stopped me and said… “Just FAB it John.  It will be much easier.” The elevator door opened.  He smiled and left.
I’ll never forget that moment.  FAB was one of the lessons from the week and I didn’t think to apply it.  Ever since then, I have tried to apply FAB as much as I can as the foundation for any marketing or advertising message.  So, what is FAB?
It is an acronym for FEATURE, ADVANTAGE and BENEFIT.  The idea is simple.  Whenever you are describing a product or service for advertising or marketing purposes, just FAB it.  It is the core information you need to cover before all else.  Some people will tell you that all else doesn’t even matter.
( FAB Structure )
FEATURE:  What is it?
ADVANTAGE:  What is its advantage?
BENEFIT:  What is the benefit?
( FAB, Example – Graphite Golf Club )
F:  It’s a golf club.
A:  It is lighter because it’s made of graphite.
B:  You can drive the ball further and improve your game.
Try this with your products and services.  It will give you focus and a clear way to communicate the value proposition.  Whether you use FAB in ads or in your other marketing communications, it will always serve as a solid foundation.
By the way… I am still in touch with my elevator CEO.  We exchange e-mails now and then.  Despite my disaster in the elevator, I turned out to be a pretty good employee for him.

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