The death of reciprocal links…Thanks to BLOGS!

Posted by John Park on Aug 15th, 2008
Aug 15

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Back in the old days (3 years ago), we were telling businesses to seek link-backs to their business web sites.  Doing this, in theory, would increase their free ranking in some of the more popular search engines like Google and Yahoo.  The logic was if there were a bunch of web sites linking to your web site, your web site must be relevant and filled with quality content.  You can see how in an automated system developed by Silicon Valley geeks, this formula made a lot of sense.
By the way, whenever I use the term “Geeks”, it is a term of endearment.
This advice to create link-backs created a plethora of web pages called link to us, friends of abc company, and so on.  Surf the web for about 10 minutes and you’re bound to run into at least a few of these pages.
THE PROBLEM:  Many approached this initiative with a “you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” strategy.  This search engine initiative was called reciprocal linking.  Many business owners quickly realized that this process was impossible to police and manage.  So, after they filled the tops of these pages with business web sites owned by friends and family, many just abandoned the initiative leaving behind another set of “ghost town-like web pages” on the Internet.
Well, there is now a better and easier way to generate link-backs to your business web site.  Simply comment on BLOGS.  Here are your strategy steps.
Step 1:  Locate 10 to 20 blogs that are relevant to your industry, services and or products you provide.  It is important to locate blogs that are active and being updated with regular posts.  This is a good sign of how much traffic they could be receiving.  It is also ideal to locate blogs that allow web site links in their comments area.
Step 2:  Bookmark them and check them on a regular basis.  Whenever you get a chance, read the articles and post your comment.  Offer expertise, your constructive opinion or a new perspective.  It can be as short as a few sentences and as long as a one paragraph counter opinion.  Keep in mind that you’re not being unethical or self-serving by doing this.  Most bloggers will love your regular visits as well as your comments.  By the way, you’ll also begin to notice one important benefit of this exercise.  Soon, you’ll find yourself more plugged in to your own industry.  Who knows?  You might even learn something.


Step 3:  Repeat Steps 1 and 2.  Sit back and watch your search engine rankings grow as well as the traffic to your web site.  And, eventually this strategy should allow you to introduce your business to potential prospects.


BELIEVE ME… This is a lot easier than confirming if Aunt Martha has linked her dog grooming web site to you.

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  1. Katherine Says:

    Thanks — makes a lot more sense now!

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