To Blog or Not to Blog…

Posted by John Park on Aug 5th, 2008
Aug 5

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Should we create a blog for our business?  I am hearing this question quite often these days from my clients.  The answer is complex and I have to always answer with the somewhat indecisive sounding “That Depends”.
Blogging to promote a business is very different than the many personal diary-style blogs flooding the Web.  Before throwing your business into the world of Web 2.0, there are a few questions you must answer first in the affirmative.
1) Can you or your staff members commit to at least 2 blog posts a week?
2) Do you have expertise in an area allowing your posts to be informative and useful?
3) Do you like writing?  Do you find it enjoyable?
If you didn’t answer YES to all three questions, you should not launch a business blog because it will just turn into a wasted initiative.  There are supposedly over 75 million blogs on the Web today.  How many do you think have been abandoned after only a few posts?  My guess is at least 95%.  The main reason for this exponential growth has to do with one fact.  Publishing a blog on the WWW is FREE!
That’s right.  Anyone can post their intelligent and sometimes moronic opinions on their own personal online newspapers “blogs” in a matter of minutes.  If I haven’t discouraged you yet, read on.
( Top FREE Blog Platforms )
Just register and have your own blog in a matter of minutes.  These are free platforms so they do have some drawbacks.  If you’re really serious about blogging for your business, consider having a custom blog built.
BLOGGER — Owned by Google, Very intuitive to use, Not many features, Not too customizable
WORDPRESS — Open Source Community, More features, Better themes, Takes a little getting used to
( Why a Business Blog? )
1)  Communicate your expertise to the WWW with the hope of reaching business prospects that are searching for that same expertise.
2)  Connect in a “human” way with your customers, prospects, partners and employees.  Real people do not talk or communicate like company brochures.
3)  Use it as a value proposition for your customers.  Give them more via informative and educational blog posts.
4)  Build an audience and as a result gain authority and credibility in your area of expertise.
5)  Keep your web site content dynamic through regular blog posts.
( Business Blogging Tips )
1)  Avoid writing about broad and general topics.  You have a much higher chance of getting picked up by search engines and interested parties if you are focusing in on specific niche topics.
2)  Avoid controversy or over the top rants.  Reserve your psychopathic charm for your own personal blog.  Remember, you’re trying to build an audience not alienate one.
3)  Speak to the times.  Keeping your posts in line with current affairs will keep your blog posts pertinent and interesting.
4)  Before launching your blog, plan out a handful of interesting blog topics so that you may give your blog a good boost out of the gates.
So… what do you think?  Are you ready to launch your own business blog?  As you can see, there are many things you should consider before doing so.  TO BLOG OR NOT TO BLOG, that is the question.
My answer is always… “That Depends.”


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  1. Katherine Says:

    thanks, biz crusader.
    I’ll do it.

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