Saying Thank You The Old Fashioned Business Way

Posted by John Park on Oct 15th, 2008
Oct 15

Business Thank You

Believe it or not, my little business blog has logged over 18,000 page views and just under 1,000 unique visitors in the first 3 months.  In the big world of the WWW, these stats are not that big of a deal but nevertheless, I am very pleased to see that so many of you are enjoying my posts.  If you’ve read more than a few of my rants, you already know that I have somewhat of an “inner conflict” about technology.  In many cases, use of technology will make your business better but there are times when it will encourage you to abandon the basics.  This post is about one of those times when it can hurt your business.
Don’t forget to say Thank You.  If you have kids, this phrase is probably very familiar to you.  I must utter these words at least once a week to our 5 year old.  After saying it again today, I thought it would be a perfect topic for discussion with my business owners.
In today’s fast-paced world of the Internet, e-mails and instant everything; many business owners are abandoning traditional business basics.  The bottom line is that it’s just too easy to send an e-mail or leave a VM when more is required.  Saying thanks in a proper way is a basic business etiquette that should be practiced no matter what the circumstances or economic conditions.  The good news is that so few business owners send proper thank yous these days that it will be much easier for your business to stand out above the crowd.  Unfortunately, it has become all too common for customers to spend thousands of dollars and not get so much as a thank you card in the mail.  In most cases, they might not even get an e-mail thank you.
Saying THANK YOU matters because of a few reasons.
1)  You will immediately elevate the positive perception of your business in your prospects’ or customers’ minds.
2)  You will immediately separate your business from the competition.  And by doing so, you will give your prospects and your customers a reason to remember you.
3)  Give your prospects and customers a positive memorable experience and watch them turn in to your business ambassadors. 
4)  Your closing ratios will increase.  Your repeat sales will increase.  Your referral business will increase.
Times to say THANK YOU via USPS mail
1)  After meeting a prospect.
2)  Upon securing a sale or contract.
3)  When a customer has referred you to someone.
4)  Periodically with long term customers.
NOTE:  NEVER use form letters.  They are worthless and you might as well not send them.  Handwritten cards and notes are best.
Like all worthwhile efforts, implementing a proper THANK YOU program for your business will take a commitment by you, the business owner.  As an example, when my sales representatives secured a deal, I would not allow the processing of that order until he or she handed in a hand-written thank you card with the sales order.  It was one way to implement the policy.  Remember, when it comes to these kinds of basic business principles and practices, easier for you does not mean it is better for your business.

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