Key Time Management Tips for Business Owners

Posted by John Park on Oct 10th, 2008
Oct 10

Business Time Management

Where has the day gone?  This is a question business owners often ask of themselves at the end of every work day.  In many cases, the day might come to an end with a sinking feeling of low productivity.  This is only natural because small business owners wear many different hats throughout the day. 
Now more than ever, it is crucial for business owners to prioritize their tasks so that they may survive and perhaps even thrive during these tumultuous economic times.  Time management is one of those elusive “art forms” especially if you spend your day putting out business fires.  Bestselling books have been written about it.  One of the great ones I recommend is “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” by Stephen R. Covey.  Although the book is not completely focused on time management, it does explain in extensive detail how successful people are those who’ve mastered how to prioritize their tasks.
My advice is to schedule your business day with a firm regiment of time blocks.  Of course, you won’t follow the schedule to the exact minute because we are not robots and the unexpected will always interrupt you.  Do your best to stick to the regiment.  At the very least, the time blocks should serve as a constant reminder of your business priorities.  If practiced correctly, this daily schedule will give you a much better feeling of accomplishment at the end of each day.  And most importantly, you will have moved your business forward.
BLOCK 1:  ???am to 11am — New Business, Sales Calls, Sales E-mails
BLOCK 2:  11am to 12noon — Return Client Phone Calls & Client E-mails
BLOCK 3:  1pm to 3pm — Client Care, Deliverables, Employee Relations
BLOCK 4:  3pm to 4pm — Return Phone Calls & E-mails
BLOCK 5:  4pm to 5pm — Administrative Duties
BLOCK 6:  5pm to ??? — Wrap-up, Organize, Plan for Next Day
1)  BLOCK 1 is the most important to accomplish every single day.
2)  Don’t let BLOCK 5 overwhelm your day.  If you’re able to, find someone else to take care of this block.
3)  You do not have to respond instantly to e-mails no matter how strong the urge.
4)  Learn to turn off your e-mail program.  It’s OK to do so.
5)  Technology should make you more efficient and not more distracted.
I hope you’ll give my 6 Blocks a try.  My time blocks will force you to move your buisness FORWARD regardless of the economic times or business circumstances.
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  1. Katherine Says:

    Fantastic — blocks of time much more practical than let me just do everything on this list and hope that the sun doesn’t set first.

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