Preparing Your New Year Business Resolutions

Posted by John Park on Dec 30th, 2008
Dec 30

New Year Business Resolutions

It looks like 2008 will finally come to an end soon.  And, what a year it has been!
I know many of you are thinking about your New Year Resolutions this week.  And because you are entrepreneurs, your resolutions aren’t about losing a few pounds or taking a trip abroad.  Instead, you’re probably making a list of business objectives you would like to see come to fruition next year.  You are not alone.  The last week of any year is a time to reflect and plan for the challenges ahead.  Perhaps, this timeless ritual for business owners has even more meaning this year because of the current disastrous economic conditions.
Nevertheless, this is a business ritual you should not skip.  So, grab your favorite hot drink, a clean pad of paper and a pen to start the brain storm.  To help you along, here is a short list of questions so that you may come up with a simple and concise set of business goals for 2009.  Remember, these aren’t your typical New Year Resolutions, which are generally ignored by the end of January.
All of these questions require just ONE specific answer only—no novels.  The answers should not even require a full sentence.  It’s not about how many things you can list.  It’s about listing 10 specific achievable business goals.
1)  What specific business leadership style or management trait will you improve in 2009?
2)  What specific thing will you do or implement to reward your performing employees in 2009?
3)  What specific thing will you do or implement to thank your customers?
4)  What specific thing will you do or implement to generate more customer referrals?
5)  What specific thing will you do or implement to automate a cumbersome process in your business?
6)  What specific thing will you do or implement to better your sales process?

7)  What specific thing will you do or implement to better your customer service performance?
8)  What specific piece of equipment will you purchase in 2009 to better your business?  This question is for everyone and not just for manufacturers.
9)  Who or what will you do business with, affiliate with or partner with in 2009 to grow your business?
10)  What was your biggest business mistake of 2008 and how will you reverse this mistake in 2009?

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  1. Katherine James Says:

    Thanks, John. What a great list.

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