I Want Some “Small Business” TARP!

Posted by John Park on Jan 23rd, 2009
Jan 23

Too Funny.  You’ll love this video.  What can we do except laugh and sing about it. What a great way to end the business week.  Hang in there my business owners.

Click here to view the video.


2 Responses

  1. Katherine Says:

    Having been coaching a young mom (pro bono, of course) who is speaking on Sunday before some legislators, bankers, etc — just had to declare bankrupty — even though she made well over 100,000 during a strike year (she is a composer) the monthly medical bills for her daughter with rheumatoid arthritis (4-8 grand) did her in with her mortgage. Now, here’s a woman that we should really give some TARP.

  2. Bill Zucker Says:

    Hi Everyone,..Its Bill Zucker singer/songwriter and goofball in the video…..LOL….First I’d like to thank John for the great letter he sent me and for posting my song/video..Now for you business owners ..If you read my interview in L.A. times last week ( see it at billzucker.com ( press) I said the businesses on the corner deserve that money..and I will continue my campaign for the little guy that needs the help…What you can do…if anyone knows how..Is get me on the today show,leno,letterman,etc. where I have a national forum where I can be heard…Enough is Enough…Take our money to give out bonuses?..buy jets?…87,000 carpets?..what is this world coming to?…Well I dont want to bore you…but my funny song sometimes isnt really that funny…I started out to make people laugh…and Im trying to hold my course..Good luck to all…YEE HAA ..Bill Zucker

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