Good Friends, eBay, 5 Panes of Glass and a Bag of Chips

Posted by John Park on Feb 6th, 2009
Feb 6
If you watched the Super Bowl last Sunday, the chances are you probably caught this commercial.  To some, watching the commercials during the big game is just as important as the game itself.  This year, Doritos challenged its consumers with their “Crash The Super Bowl” contest.  It encouraged anyone to beat the ad gurus of Madison Ave. by creating their own commercial.
A couple of brothers from Indiana took up the challenge.  Joe Herbert and Dave Herbert, with their $2,000 budget, created this winning commercial which ended up beating out ALL other commercials in USA Today’s Super Bowl Ad Meter (a 10-year-old consumer opinion poll).
All of the actors are their good friends.  They did have to feed them 3 meals for the day.  The vending machine was bought on eBay for $500.  And for the dramatic moment, they had 5 glass panes at the ready.  It turned out they only needed one.  Their first take was the best.
The bottom line is the rules have changed.  Technology in all of its glory continues to turn traditional media and advertising on its head.  Don’t expect this trend to slow down any time soon.
There are a million reasons why this achievement should have been impossible.  I guess Herbert and Dave decided that it wasn’t.  The words “CAN” and “POSSIBLE” are truly contagious.  And if you use these words frequently enough… Your battle is already half won.
By the way, did I mention that these guys won a million dollars?

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