Susan Boyle on Britain’s Got Talent

Posted by John Park on Apr 13th, 2009
Apr 13

One of my clients just sent this over to me.  As we ALL start the week again, take a few minutes to view this short video about a woman who never gave up on her dreams.  It’s all about that isn’t it?  We all have dreams and it’s just an issue of whether we will let them fade away or we keep pursuing them.  I heard a line from a movie once that stuck with me… “You can do anything or be anyone, it’s just a matter of discipline.”

A little luck can’t hurt either.  Enjoy!  Thanks Katherine James–client who sent this.



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  1. Katherine Says:

    Knew that everyone who follows you should see this — just the message we all need today! Katherine

  2. N.J.Christopher Says:

    Determination is important if one needs to succeed; discipline and enthusiastic focus along with it will bring dreams into reality. -Jonathan

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