A Marketing Lesson From The Vegas Water Guy

Posted by John Park on Sep 18th, 2009
Sep 18


I see dead people… I mean marketing opportunities everywhere and what I noticed on a Vegas walkway in the middle of August was no exception.
It was an “Africa Hot” day and making money from everyone’s discomfort were entrepreneurially minded individuals selling chilled bottled waters to passersby tourists.  They were poorly dressed, disheveled looking and not exactly professional in their approach or presentation.  Nevertheless, they were selling these waters just by waving them around standing in front of their coolers, which were filled with all generic brands.
During the 3 minutes it took for us to walk completely by, I observed two guys—one at each corner.
The guy on the left was just standing there holding a bottled water in each hand.  He had a handwritten cardboard sign propped up against his cooler with a “$1″ written on it.  He looked bitter and he clearly didn’t want to be there.
The guy on the right had the same setup except he was engaged in the “selling.”  Every few seconds, he would yell out “cold water here, $1″.  He would just repeat that statement over and over again.  Not surprisingly, I witnessed him sell about 3 times more water than the guy on the left.

Don’t worry.  I didn’t stop to give the guy on the left marketing advice (I was with the family).

However, I did start thinking about how we could probably all define our level of business success by how ENGAGED we are in the selling of our products and services.
So, which guy or gal are you?

Are you the guy on the left waiting for the business to miraculously come to you, otherwise known as playing the numbers game or are you the guy on the right dictating your own outcome by being engaged in the success of your business?

In this economy, you know which guy you have to be.  Dictate your own outcome or success.  Don’t be a recession victim.  If the water guy has it figured out, it should be easy for you. (no offense to water guys everywhere)
Until Next Time…

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