Oct 12

milk mustache

If I see one more “Got Milk?” ripoff, I might very well lose it!
I was at the airport last week and sure enough a lady in front of me was wearing a shirt that said “Got Hog?”.  The shirt had a picture of a Harley Davidson motorcycle on it.  Never mind that Harley Davidson probably didn’t approve this shirt but it made me think about why a successful slogan should not be copied or ripped off.
When a brand or a slogan becomes wildly successful, it eventually becomes an identifier for what it is representing.  The slogan becomes inherently affiliated and it becomes one with the product.  If you can achieve this, you’ve succeeded as a marketer.
Every time we hear “Got Whatever?”, what we all first think about is milk.  In fact, we might even go far as to picture a milk commercial or a print ad.  The “whatever” that is being promoted becomes a secondary thought.  Why would you want your product to be a secondary thought?
So, my message… BE ORIGINAL and wipe that milk mustache off your face.

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