In Business, It Doesn’t Pay To Be Subtle.

Posted by John Park on Jan 4th, 2011
Jan 4

What do you do?  By looking at your logo, slogan, business card and your web site; I don’t have a clue.
Sure, I could spend more of my valuable time and engage my short Internet-driven attention span to dig further and ask more questions.  I just don’t feel like doing that today because there are others just like you within a mouse-click away.
You’re not a brand I recognize like Coca Cola, Microsoft or Toyota.  Oh yeah… you probably didn’t spend the millions they’ve spent to make sure I recognize their brand.
I have never heard of you but for some reason I have come across your business.
Why build a blank billboard?  Why be subtle?  Tell me what you do and tell me fast!

Jan 3

With the start of a new year, many businesses will decide to raise their prices. Sometimes, this significant step may be taken without any real logic or research behind the decision. This scenario is fueled by the fact that many are expecting the economic recovery to start in 2011. I caution businesses from doing this.

Optimism or a gut feeling doesn’t create demand. Price considerations should closely match actual demand for your products and services. In addition, significant competitive analysis should take place before implementing price increases.

Here are some reasons why raising prices at the beginning of the year is risky.

1) Many businesses are in the shopping mode in January because they are hoping to implement new initiatives. Don’t force them to add your products or services on the shopping list due to a price increase.

2) Raising prices is a great way to alienate your existing customers. Remember, these are the same customers that have helped you ride out the last few turbulent years.

3) The practiced logic of raising prices on the calender year is ridiculous. This action does not serve anyone except the accountants who wish to keep things in neat order.

Don’t over step your own confidence about your business, the industry and the marketplace by raising prices abruptly. When it comes to raising prices, the cart does not come before the horse.

Let’s Get CRAZY in 2011!

Posted by John Park on Jan 1st, 2011
Jan 1

Happy New Year Everyone!

Planning for the new year can be daunting. This is especially true when we’ve just completed another tough business year. Like you, I am hoping for the so called recovery to commence in 2011.

From my point of view, I hope we can all harness enough inner strength to incorporate a little bit of “crazy” in to our respective businesses this year. At what point, does a business owner lose the power or the ability to throw it all on the line? The more we gain, the more we become afraid to lose what has been gained thus far. Conservatism to a fault creeps in to our daily existence and business decision making. Soon, the belief that anything is possible or any obstacle can be overcome slowly takes a back seat to moderation and the status quo.

Thinking BIG isn’t just a product of youth. Don’t dismiss it so easily and don’t deny its importance.

Here’s to wishing you a little craziness in 2011!

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