Let’s Get CRAZY in 2011!

Posted by John Park on Jan 1st, 2011
Jan 1

Happy New Year Everyone!

Planning for the new year can be daunting. This is especially true when we’ve just completed another tough business year. Like you, I am hoping for the so called recovery to commence in 2011.

From my point of view, I hope we can all harness enough inner strength to incorporate a little bit of “crazy” in to our respective businesses this year. At what point, does a business owner lose the power or the ability to throw it all on the line? The more we gain, the more we become afraid to lose what has been gained thus far. Conservatism to a fault creeps in to our daily existence and business decision making. Soon, the belief that anything is possible or any obstacle can be overcome slowly takes a back seat to moderation and the status quo.

Thinking BIG isn’t just a product of youth. Don’t dismiss it so easily and don’t deny its importance.

Here’s to wishing you a little craziness in 2011!

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  1. John Arleth Says:

    I don’t see many commercials but I’m glad I watched this one. Is it old? Does Steve Jobs ever do anything wrong, other than the time he hire a soda jerk to replace himself? Oh, and that keep everyone out of his software thing?

    Keep Crusading!

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