Who Feeds Your Children? Who Can Feed Your Children?

Posted by John Park on Sep 25th, 2011
Sep 25

I have business executives asking me all the time about time management and priorities.  As a business executive myself, believe me when I tell you that this is something I am working on as well.

Having said that, here is how I try to prioritize my to do list on a daily basis.

FIRST:  Take care of everyone that feeds you and your children.  (existing clients and customers)
SECOND:  Take care of everyone that can potentially feed you and your children.  (sales and prospects)
THIRD:  Everything else.

Don’t have children?  Substitute with anything or anyone that is of great value to you.

Can’t get to everything else?  Delegate or pay someone to do everything else for you.

Before You Start…Walk The Track First.

Posted by John Park on Sep 24th, 2011
Sep 24

A NASCAR driver might walk the track before he gets behind the wheel on race day. An Olympic sprinter might walk the track before he lunges out of the block as the starting pistol goes off.


1) They are getting familiar with the task from start to finish.
2) They are making note of any potential pitfalls.
3) They are making note of any potential advantage points.
4) They are minimizing risk and surprise.

In business, this important step is called assessing the task or project.

Take the necessary time to fully assess a task or a project before you start. By doing this, you will save yourself a tremendous amount of heartache and minimize the potential for failure or costly delays.

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