Should we prevent failure at any cost?

Posted by John Park on Oct 1st, 2011
Oct 1

During my life, I have learned quite a bit from failure.  I consider these invaluable life lessons that have made me better.

Is society working too hard to prevent failure?

Corporate bailouts.

Trophies for every kid at the end of a losing season.

Countries borrowing to save entitlements.

Living with Mom and Dad forever…

What lessons are to be learned if we prevent failure at any cost?

2 Responses

  1. Katherine James Says:

    Kids who fail and then try again actually learn more than kids who succeed right away. Same with adults – only we don’t realize it. Whenever I screw up I remind myself that the captain of the Titanic was proud of the fact that he had never had to deal with an emergency or a crisis. Whoops. Maybe if he had FAILED a bit earlier in his career who knows what might have happened?

  2. Nancy Says:

    Thanks for the share!

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