The Great Race. Are you in or out?

Posted by John Park on Aug 13th, 2014
Aug 13

There is a very intense and serious race taking place in our society.

It is the Great Race to replace human expertise by duplicating it or even making it better via software.

Whether it’s an app on your smartphone or an engineering marvel, the world is fundamentally changing around us.

If your business makes alarm clocks, you should be alarmed by the simple app most people use on their phones.

If you cast molds for models, you should probably invest in a 3D printing device.

If you are a cashier, you should be paying close attention to the self-service registers popping up next to you.

And if you’re an expert marksman, even your honed in skills, which took decades to perfect, can be replaced.

Change is not coming. It is here.

Great rewards await those in the race.

Tough times await those watching the race go by.

DARPA, the advanced research wing of the US Department of Defense, has developed a prototype for a self-guiding bullet. These things can literally redirect themselves mid-flight to ensure they hit their target, even if thrown off course by high winds or a shooter error.

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