Biz Crusader… Gangnam Style!

Posted by John Park on Nov 9th, 2012
Nov 9

679,620,147 views by 11/9/12 and counting.  Is there anyone out there who hasn’t seen this video?  Plenty of marketers are trying to over analyze this video and I won’t be one of them.

With this many views, it’s definitely worth noting.  ASU students are partying to it.  Oregon marching band dedicated a segment to it at half time.  It has been featured on hundreds if not thousands of TV shows around the world.  And… this is not to mention the countless parodies on YouTube.

The kicker?  My 6 year kid and his friends love it and recently performed their version at a birthday party.

Could it be that humor, singing and dancing can bring the world together?  Too deep?

It’s GANGNAM STYLE.  Enjoy and TGIF!  (Follow the links in this post… it will make your day.)

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The Great Shaving Rip-Off — HORROR IN THE AISLES

Posted by John Park on Apr 19th, 2012
Apr 19

I have to share this with my readers.  This video was shot for one of my clients.  Total budget?  It was about $25 including Starbucks and the googly eyes.  The questionable acting shown on the video are my fellow team members.  Enjoy!



A little Valentine’s Day humor for everyone.  See if you can relate to any of her numbers.

The video was produced for one of our agency clients.

If you can’t see the video in your email feed, here is the direct YouTube link. Enjoy!


JK Wedding Entrance Dance – Breaking The Rules

Posted by John Park on Jul 24th, 2009
Jul 24

Ok.. I have to confess, this post has nothing to do with business.

It’s just a perfect Friday video and it will make you smile from ear to ear.

Lighten up everyone!  (me included)

Breaking the rules never looked so good.  Hmmmm… Maybe… it has something to do with business.  You decide.

God Bless!

Until Next Time…

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When Viral Videos Go Commercial — SUCCESSFULLY!

Posted by John Park on Jul 20th, 2009
Jul 20

Many companies have tried it and most end up spending a lot of money only to fail miserably.  I am referring to professionally producing a video for the sole purpose of making it go viral on the web.  It’s very hard to make something happen in a systematic planned way when it happens most of the time by accident.  I don’t know how much Evian spent on this video (probably a 7 figure project) but they have managed to get a commercially produced video go viral in a BIG way on the web.  As of when I am writing this post, it has been viewed close to 6.5 million times.  Good work Evian!  You give other corporations hope.

Until Next Time…

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