Jul 8

When Time Magazine declared EVERYONE as their person of the year, they had many scratching their heads.  In reality, they were right on the money.  Their tribute to the way an average Joe could create content and empower themselves on the WWW was well deserved.  The flip side of all of this is that businesses must also be aware of the empowering mass media tools readily available to every customer they serve.

As of today, this video has been seen over 250,000 times.  I bet United Airlines wishes now that they had fixed or replaced the poor guy’s Taylor Guitar.  We’ve all been there but now we have free tools to let millions know about it.  Food for thought for all consumer brands.  Social and Viral Marketing needs to be taken seriously.  It’s not just a buzz phrase.  It is very serious business.

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Are You The World’s Greatest Business Mind?

Posted by John Park on Feb 17th, 2009
Feb 17

Every once in a while, a viral marketing video comes along that’s worth passing along.  I received this one from a client today.  It might be one of the most innovative viral videos I’ve seen yet.  It’s also guaranteed to make you laugh out loud.  I know… Are they making money with this?  I am not sure but they got me and others to write about it.  You won’t be able to resist passing it along.
So… KUDOS to The Message Group, the Australian company behind this viral video.

I Want Some “Small Business” TARP!

Posted by John Park on Jan 23rd, 2009
Jan 23

Too Funny.  You’ll love this video.  What can we do except laugh and sing about it. What a great way to end the business week.  Hang in there my business owners.

Click here to view the video.


The Original Geek Squad???

Posted by John Park on Aug 6th, 2008
Aug 6

Here is a little business humor for all of you.  One of my clients sent this over and it’s hysterical.  I dedicate this post to all of our “poor” IT partners and to Dell’s customer service in India.  Really Edward or Britney (Indian Customer Service Names) … It’s not my fault!  Stop using the phrase “user error.”  ENJOY.



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