The Great Race. Are you in or out?

Posted by John Park on Aug 13th, 2014
Aug 13

There is a very intense and serious race taking place in our society.

It is the Great Race to replace human expertise by duplicating it or even making it better via software.

Whether it’s an app on your smartphone or an engineering marvel, the world is fundamentally changing around us.

If your business makes alarm clocks, you should be alarmed by the simple app most people use on their phones.

If you cast molds for models, you should probably invest in a 3D printing device.

If you are a cashier, you should be paying close attention to the self-service registers popping up next to you.

And if you’re an expert marksman, even your honed in skills, which took decades to perfect, can be replaced.

Change is not coming. It is here.

Great rewards await those in the race.

Tough times await those watching the race go by.

DARPA, the advanced research wing of the US Department of Defense, has developed a prototype for a self-guiding bullet. These things can literally redirect themselves mid-flight to ensure they hit their target, even if thrown off course by high winds or a shooter error.

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The formula for obtaining what you WANT.

Posted by John Park on Aug 10th, 2014
Aug 10

I first wrote about this 4 years ago. Now more than ever, I believe it is applicable.

Since first hearing the saying in college, the statement that has become a lifestyle for me is “You only get out of something what you put in to it”.

It’s a simple theory but I often find myself at an advantage over others because I am able and wiling to embrace this saying as a way to take on any task or situation. The saying can be applied anywhere including in business, parenting, physical well being and yes even in love or relationships.

In business, where are your limits? Are you willing to make cold calls? Are you wiling to go door to door? Are you willing to spend money to make money? Are you willing to sacrifice your weekends? Are you willing to work late? Are you willing to come down from your ivory tower and take on any task necessary to get the job done?

Whether you are an owner, manager, just starting your business career or even wanting to take a relationship to the next level, what you “WANT” ultimately is not a natural right as some might have you believe. What you “OBTAIN” is a direct result of what you put in to it.

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The Me Too Model

Posted by John Park on Jul 30th, 2014
Jul 30

When I sit with potential clients, they always reference who they want to be.

I immediately think… why? Sometimes out loud.

Google didn’t want to be Yahoo. Apple wasn’t striving to be another Microsoft.

And Tesla doesn’t seem to be doing things the “GM way.”

The greats don’t start by wanting to be like someone else. They do not seek a piece of the pie that already exists.

Be different. Blaze a trail others will want to follow.

It’s scary to go first but being first can pay dividends.

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Do you practice CCR?

Posted by John Park on Nov 10th, 2012
Nov 10

CCR are the core basics of branding anything.

CLARIFICATION: Clarify your business position, goals, core values, products, services, competitive advantages and target demographics.

CONSISTENCY: Be consistent with all your messaging, imagery and other front line marketing engagements.

REPETITION: Be seen and heard with the SAME over-and-over again.

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What is required to get to the next level?

Posted by John Park on Nov 2nd, 2012
Nov 2

Getting to the “next level” requires change.  We all profess to know this and often seek someone or something that will help us acquire change.

When change is finally before us and when we are called upon to embrace it, most of us hesitate.

Why?  It’s because change is not comfortable nor is it familiar.  It can be risky and in some cases even dangerous.

On the flip side, it can also be rewarding and pay huge dividends–financial and otherwise.

Instead of fearing change, we must fear the status quo and the plateau we’ve found ourselves dwelling on.

The next level is calling on you to act.  Remember, change cannot happen without change.

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