It’s Dying. Accept it.

Posted by John Park on Oct 2nd, 2011
Oct 2
I just received a Groupon email letting me know that I could subscribe to Vogue for $8.  If I took advantage of this offer, I would receive in the mail 12 beautiful, full color issues of Vogue for just $8.  After Groupon takes their 50%, Vogue gets $4.
A few months back, I visited the web site of a notable advertising industry publication.  To subscribe, I would have to pay over $50 a year.  I passed.  Instead, I just decided to opt in to their email newsletter.  About a week ago, I started to receive the physical copy of the publication in the mail for free.  I didn’t pay a cent but they decided to start mailing them to me.
The magazine publishers are up against the wall.  The above scenarios are two small examples of a desperate industry.  If their content is so valuable, why I am I receiving them for free or practically for free?  Not only did I get it for free, I am receiving them at their cost.
The answer is simple.
It is more valuable for them to tout a larger subscriber base than to actually care about what their publications are being bought for.  It all funnels down to how many subscribers they can tout or claim to their potential advertisers.
This is not a new occurrence.  It has been happening for years but true desperation is rearing its ugly head for the first time.
Ladies and gentlemen.  PRINT IS DYING.
Don’t advertise in it.  Don’t pay for it.  Don’t invest in it.
If you are a magazine publisher, place ALL your resources towards digitization.  Accept reality.  Do you really believe that my 5 year old boy will buy a magazine for entertainment and information when he turns 18?

Shhhh… Don’t tell anyone it’s FREE.

Posted by John Park on Jul 31st, 2008
Jul 31

Google Alerts Logo


Are your ears burning?  There are over 120 Billion web pages on the Internet and that’s not even including the 75 million or so blogs that are independently publishing information every single day.
How can you keep up with all of this information?  I am going to let you in on a marketing, public relations and advertising industry secret.
Google has a little known free tool called Google Alerts.  It’s a simple idea really.  Just input the keywords or specific phrases you’re interested in and Google Alerts will send you an e-mail every time something is published on the Internet relevant to your keyword or phrase choices.
Before Google Alerts came along, this kind of technology-based business intelligence was only available to big companies willing to dish out big dollars.  Google has made this valuable tool available to anyone with an e-mail address.
- Use it to find out what is being published about you or your company.
- Use it to find out what your competitors are up to.
- Use it to stay at the cutting edge of your specific business or industry niche.
- Keep up with whatever interests you.
( Quick Tip )
When using a phrase, contain them in quotations.  For example Biz Crusader should be entered as “Biz Crusader”.  If you don’t do this, you’ll get top headlines and posts that include the word BIZ and CRUSADER.  This setup will inundate you with information you don’t want.



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