When no one is looking.

Posted by John Park on Aug 8th, 2014
Aug 8

The USA Swimming Nationals is going on right now in our city, Irvine, CA.

Like many of you, the only time I probably pay attention to swimming is during the Olympics. We forget sometimes the long and difficult road you must take to compete at these levels.

One of our friend’s son got the surprise of a lifetime yesterday. He is a huge fan of superstar swimmer, Ryan Lochte. Naturally, this 11 year old boy was cheering loudly and relentlessly for his favorite swimmer in the stands.

But after the contest is when something amazing happened. The 11-time Olympic Medalist walked up into the stands and awarded our friend’s son with the medal he had just won. He also spent some time with the star-eyed boy explaining and convincing him “he can do this too.”


The attached photo is not a press photo. It’s actually a photo snapped by his Mom, our friend.

It takes courage to do the right thing but it takes something special inside you to do the right thing when no one is looking.

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Biz Crusader… Gangnam Style!

Posted by John Park on Nov 9th, 2012
Nov 9

679,620,147 views by 11/9/12 and counting.  Is there anyone out there who hasn’t seen this video?  Plenty of marketers are trying to over analyze this video and I won’t be one of them.

With this many views, it’s definitely worth noting.  ASU students are partying to it.  Oregon marching band dedicated a segment to it at half time.  It has been featured on hundreds if not thousands of TV shows around the world.  And… this is not to mention the countless parodies on YouTube.

The kicker?  My 6 year kid and his friends love it and recently performed their version at a birthday party.

Could it be that humor, singing and dancing can bring the world together?  Too deep?

It’s GANGNAM STYLE.  Enjoy and TGIF!  (Follow the links in this post… it will make your day.)

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Embracing Change After 244 Years

Posted by John Park on Mar 14th, 2012
Mar 14
Encyclopedia Britannica announced today that they will no longer publish the printed edition.
About a month ago, my Mother asked me “What should I do with the encyclopedia set?  Should I send them to you so your kids can use it?”
The books were precious to her because she had purchased them for me when I was in high school.  It was quite an investment at the time.
I recall answering “No, that’s okay.  Just leave them there.  My kids will never use them.”
First published in 1768, the title of their early advertisements read “All Questions Answered.”
Where do we go to get all questions answered today?
Change is not coming.  It’s already here.

Focus on what you can control in 2012.

Posted by John Park on Jan 2nd, 2012
Jan 2

Movie ticket sales hit a 16-year low in 2011. The theater industry attributes higher prices and the prevalence of new platforms to view movies.


I certainly believe this is true and I am certain that these factors played a key role.


However, I was surprised to learn that the industry did not mention what role customer service may have played in this outcome. To be specific, I am referring to the lack of or declining customer service in movie theaters. Civilized decorum and the almost cliche concept of “Silence is Golden” has become increasingly absent in the theaters. It is common to find crying babies, people using their phones, disruptive or obnoxious behavior. And, I am not even mentioning those who love to kick the chairs of the persons in front of them or those who use the theater floors as their personal trash cans leaving the auditoriums in a disgusting state. If you spend more than 5 minutes reading online reviews about movie theaters, it’s clear that I am not the only one who feels this way.


This is another example of an industry using the economy as a scapegoat. Customer service is the one area of any business that can be transformed instantly. Best of all, it can be transformed without a heavy financial investment. Examples include answering the phones a certain way or just saying “Thank You” properly.


There is nothing you can do about the economy. It is what it is. Instead of using it as a crutch for poor results in 2012, focus on what you can control. You have 100% control of customer service.


I say… bring back the ushers with the flashlights.





Words cannot describe this man’s achievements.

Posted by John Park on Oct 5th, 2011
Oct 5

Steve Jobs died today.

I did not know him. I’ve never met him.

And yet, I find myself profoundly sad about his death. It’s hard to find the words. There’s too much to say. I know many will try.

I am just one of billions he has made an impression on through his innovation and technology.

He changed my life for the better. As a businessman, I can’t thank him enough.

Rest in peace Mr. Jobs. You did well in your short 56 years.

Thank you!

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