What Came First, the Chicken or Customer Service?

Posted by John Park on Aug 7th, 2014
Aug 7

My kids and I went to an El Pollo Loco the other day to pick-up some dinner.

There was no one in line. We walked up to the cash register to order and the Manager (in the white corporate dress shirt) said to me “I’ll be with you in a moment” and walked away.

I saw her go into her office and I could hear her doing things–important work I’m sure.

I waited and waited. By this time a line had formed. Periodically, I would get a blank stare from the cooks and the worker bees on the line.

Knowing that I was in a shopping center with approximately 10 other dining choices, we left and took our business elsewhere.

What’s more important than the customer standing directly in front of you?


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The Value of YOU

Posted by John Park on Aug 6th, 2014
Aug 6

What you do and how you do it has value.

Inevitably, you will be pulled from all sides to lower your value. The pressure will come from places like competition, demanding clients and other seemingly important areas.

The defenders of true value are experience, quality, innovation and a proven track record. As long as you have these traits at your side, your value has true value.

It takes courage to believe in and defend, without hesitation, the value of YOU.

If you don’t value you, who else should?

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What are you a Master of?

Posted by John Park on Aug 5th, 2014
Aug 5

In a world dominated by instant access to information, one wonders if we are creating a society of apprentices.

We all know a little bit about everything and if we don’t, we can certainly pull up a Wikipedia page on our phones.

The question is… have we then abandoned the pursuit of becoming a Master of one thing.

What does it mean to be called a Master? To know something so well that you become the source. To do something so well, no one else can duplicate it.

To pursue perfection with every breath and with every ounce of your being.

What are you a Master of? During these hyper distracted times, a singular pursuit of something whether it be in business or otherwise, can prove to be more valuable than ever before.

The video is just under 7 minutes. I know. That is unacceptably long and you don’t have the time.

Take the time. You can spare 7 minutes.

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If you think your life sucks…

Posted by John Park on Aug 4th, 2014
Aug 4

And it doesn’t. Watch this anyway.

Excuses are NOT for the capable.

Get up. Get up again. Repeat.

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I am one loyal GHOST.

Posted by John Park on Aug 1st, 2014
Aug 1

I’ve been going to the same Super Cuts for over 15 years.

They know me by my first name. All of the hair stylists recognize me and they always make me feel welcome.

During the Great Recession, I saw them go from 20 stylists to 8. I heard the stories of how customers were abandoning them for a cheaper alternative.

I was loyal. I kept going on my regular intervals.

But… in reality, I am just a ghost to them. What if I stopped going one day? How would they reach me? How would they look me up? How would they bring me back to my regular haircut intervals?

They can’t.

I am a ghost because in over 15 years, they have never asked me for my phone number, email address or even my last name.

How many loyal ghosts are you serving today? Turn them into real people. They are the backbone of your business.

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